Monday, April 8, 2013

Off to Chimbote Sur!

Hey Everyone!

I'm off to Chimbote! I'll be leaving tonight at 8:30, and I should be getting there at 2:00 AM. That should be a great bus ride. But I'm super excited to help the district out there. I really hope that they're excited and ready to work with all that they have!

But I had a truly wonderful time watching conferece. There were some really powerful talks. I always enjoy the blessing of recieving revelation for the people I teach. And I enjoy the spirital uplift and recharge that it gives.
On top of that we had another baptism this Sunday. A 12 year old boy, Yoel, was baptised and is doing great. He came to church just a couple of times and put his own baptismal date. He really wanted to do it and really grew instantly in testimony. He completed with each commitment that we left for him and he was extremely receptive to the spirit. He and his entire family made it to conference to see the Prophet talk and to see his baptism. Yoel's father really felt the Spirit in the baptism and had a huge smile on his face the whole time. They're a little special, because Yoel is the only one in the family that knows how to read. But his parents are really sincere and have a great desire to learn. They value our words a ton, because they can only learn if someone comes to teach it clearly, slowly, and simply. And so, here we are. I can only hope that all goes well with the whole family. It'll be painful to leave this area. You get used to it after 6 months. But I'll leave it with my best prayer, and in the hands of my companion.

Other than that all has been going quite well. I've been taking some pictures before I leave Huaraz. But it should be interresting in Chimbote. It's a fishing town. We all know how fish smells. Wonderful, right? But it sounds like I lucked out and I'll be a little ways out of Chimbote, away from the horrid fish smell. So that's really good. But I really hope that I don't have to eat too much fish... I've never been too fond of it. But I can't complain. They say that it's a nice area where I'm going to and that the zone has a tone of success. So I should be able to really enjoy my time there.

But I hope all is going well at home and that everyone's heath is good! I'm super excited to get working in my new area (even if it hurts to leave this one). I'll be with a North American companion for the first time in my mission, so that should be really interresting. We'll see how it goes, but I figure it should be really fun. Especially because my companion is from the South! He'll talk funny in Spanish AND English!

But I love you guys and hope that you're well and that everyone could enjoy General Conference!
I'll let you guys know the first impressions of Chimbote next week!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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