Monday, April 1, 2013

Seven Days and Counting....

Hey Everyone!

I really hope that all is going well back at home. Things are winding down for this change. There's only one more week left. And it's almost definite that I'll be leaving Huaraz, but I still don't know for sure. People tend to stick around Huaraz for 6 months and then they're off to another area. I suppose that my next area could very possibly be my last. It's kinda scary thinking about that....

We just got back from a huge hike today! We went hiking for several hours to a beatiful lake high up in the mountains. I truly love being here in Huaraz. The mountians are even more beautiful than Colorado. They're really quite amazing. And huge as well. I'm gonna miss being in the mountians so bad. It's definitely one of the best areas of the mission, without a doubt.

As for the Work, things are going alright. We've found one 12 year old boy, Joel, that is extrememly recepive to the Spirit. We've only taught him with his family once and he's come to church twice, but told us that he has to get baptised this Saturday to go the the Temple the next week. Something about what he felt when they talked about it really fired him up. We'll have to do our absolute best to help him out, but he's doing his absolute best to prepare himself. It really touches me to see his desires to follow Christ just based on the joy that the Spirit has put into his heart. It's amazing how much basic truths can go straight to the heart. It's amazing.

But I really hope everyone enjoyed Easter and that things were fun. The Holy Week went by pretty well here. Though it was filled with a lot of crosses and, well, parties. But at least they took a little time to remember Christ as they marched an enormous model of Him on the cross through all the streets of Huaraz on Sunday Morning. They definitely celebrate things differently down here. But it's always fun to see the culture.

I'll let everyone know if I get changed to another area this next week. It's about time, though, after 6 months. There's not too much hope for me. I'm almost definitely gonna get kicked out. Especially since they'll be doing special changes because Huaraz is gonna change missions in 3 months! It'll be super sad to lose it.

Thanks everyone, love ya!

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