Monday, April 29, 2013

Elder Bednar in Trujillo!

Hey Everyone!

Well, it was a huge blessing to listen to Elder Bednar. I was able to receive a ton of revelation from that time listening to him. I think I learned more from observing his method of teaching and the pattern and all than listening to any of the particular words. I think that's kinda what he was going for as well. He didn't go up to give any sort of talk, but he talked and interracted with us. He brought up just a question about the 3 talks of his that he asked us to study the past few weeks. He then built on each answer and hit just a couple important points, then would go on with another question. He talked more about how the Spirit allows us to learn and grow as we act for ourselves. It doesn't come as we're acted upon (for exaple, just taught to without a desire to change). But it was really cool to be able to enjoy his example and to teach us valuable lessons about missionary work and about life. I have a lot that I'm gonna change in my teaching to be able to teach people more as agents than objects. I realize that I've had a lot of faults in my teaching before that I'll never do again. It'll be hard to develop a different style of teaching of course, but I'll keep working at it. I really hope I can become a more effective teacher through his advice and example. It's amazing to get dirrection from an Apostol of God that's for your specific group. And to have him there filled the room with a powerful Spirit. It was just a great experience.

But it was super exciting to go and shake his hand at the end as well! We all got the chance to go by and shake his hand (along with his wife and two 70s that were there). That's the first time I've ever had such an opportunity.

I'm doing great here with Elder Rotolo. We had two baptismal dates (Junior and George), but they didn't come to church this week. They've both come several times in the past, but we're worried that they're not taking their commitments (or the covenants that they're going to make) very seriously. So we want to wait a week so we can help them and try working more with their parents (less actives) so that they can be more firm in the church. We'll be working to help them understand the importance and meaning of baptism as well.

But all is doing great in the dunes of San Luis! It's an amazing place for missionary work. I love it!

Hope all is well! Take Care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

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