Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Week in the One Stoplight Town... Oh Wait, We Don't Have a Stoplight...

Well, we've been working hard with our investigators, and I feel like we're making progress. We even got to see a miracle yesterday! The Family Group in Roma joined with our ward, and with that they brought an amazing investigator. She's a girl about 15 years old that's been going to seminary for some time now. She wants to be baptized and has a strong conviction to choose the right (despite what her friends do at times). We set up an appointment to visit her yesterday and she was really receptive. So we're really excited to help her prepare and make a covenant with the Lord.

As for me, all is going well. I'm still finding more and more enthusiasm each day. Especially as I see investigators progress and feel the spirit.

Well, as for interesting things that have happened... Well, not too much. I did get to see the crazy spiders that live in people's walls this week! They hide in the holes between bricks in the house and make a funnel web around it. When they feel the web move, they dash out of the hole and attack whatever's stuck there, hoping it's a tasty snack. So my companion used a piece of grass, and the spider jumped out and it was huge! It's body was probably 2/3 of an inch, but it has super long, gangly legs. It was pretty crazy. And scary that they live in the walls of tons of people. Good thing it's just on the outside...

Other than that, there was a massive harvest! Tons of people were vending their plants in the streets and traffic was almost completely blocked. But they had car fulls and truck fulls of plants all over the place. It gave the town an interresting smell. But that's just another one of those things that I've never seen before.

Take care!
Elder Seth Prestwich

----- Dad's update ------
I was talking about school in my email and Seth responded with this story.

"Phew. Glad to be from the US, lol. One of the members here was kicked out of her religion class for saying that God had a body of flesh and bones and that reciting the Lord's Pray wasn't what Christ was teaching, because he said that we should ask for what we need in his name. The Catholic Professor got really mad and kicked her out. I thought that was pretty funny, but also really depressing. Apostasy... I get the whole separation of church and state thing."

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