Monday, May 28, 2012

Another Week Down...

Well, we had a baptism almost set up this week, but it fell through due to some Word of Wisdom issues. We were quite sad that she didn't pass her interview, but it's alright. We're here to help her overcome whatever problem so she can make those covenants. We visited her after the interview, and she really seemed to have repented, so we're excited to support her and help her make the goal. We know she can do it.
Other than that, we've recieved several very good refrences from the members, all we have to do is get them to come to church. If we can help them with that, we can see some great progress in this area. We're working with those referals each day, and fervently praying for them.
As for me, I'm doing just fine. Still excited to do the work, despite being tired each day. I've been working on directing all of my thoughts into the work and my investigators. I can already see a difference in the revelation that I can recieve to help them.
Oh, and I had chicken heart in my soup yesterday. My companion gladly ate it... that was just another one of those moments...
The world of missionaries sure is small. And within the church as well. The brother of my companion for the MTC in Provo, Elder Hill, baptized someone in my district! It was really funny for Elder Hill to meet him. His mind was blown. It was really cool that he happend to meet one of his brother's converts for Lima. Small world.
Hope all is well!
Elder Seth

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