Monday, May 7, 2012

From Beach Front to the Styx....

Well, they've finally sent me out of Huanchaco. I'm now in a little farming town of Casa Grande. It's definitely a change, though. There's plenty of green around. Trees, grass, plants, and crops everywhere. There's even a couple little (brown) rivers that pass through my town. It's a quaint little place, but really nice. The people here are a little more well off than a lot of areas in Huanchaco. The only downside--Sancudos. They're like mosquitoes, but worse. They hide in the houses and eat you alive if you're not careful... But other than that, I feel a lot more calm here in Ascope. I think all the green puts me at ease.
I am the only foreigner in the town, though. I get a lot of strange looks here. Well, even more than in Huanchaco. And when I first got here, I didn't feel so well, so my Pensionista gave me a bowl of soup... with a chicken foot in it... My companion and I traded soups (he was rather happy to eat the foot... *gag*).
I also saw a real life sheapherd for the first time! He and his family were riding donkeys and hearding their sheep down the river. Kinda a funny moment. I'm definitely not in Beach-front Huanchaco anymore...
There are actually only 3 paved streets in my town. Kinda fun, actually.
Everyone speeds around in little mototaxis here as well. There's thousands of them on the road, which is pretty funny as well. Either that or Bus and that's all the transportation here.
My companion is awesome. He's quite the joker, but he works hard. He only has 4 months left in his mission, and his experience really shows. I hope to learn a lot from him and really enjoy my time here in Ascope!
Hope all is well over there in the good ol' US!
Elder Seth

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