Monday, May 14, 2012

Wow.... 1/3 of my Mission Gone By.....

I feel quite comfortable here in Ascope. I'm excited to work and help our investigators to progress. We had 6 people in Sacrament Meeting, which was amazing! So we're really hoping that we can help them progress and come to Christ. But we have one investigator who is PF, and she's had many baptismal dates before, but she went to church and it looks like this could very easily be the time she decides to make the covenant. We're really excited for her and are working hard to help her keep the desire.

All is great here! I'm working hard and am really starting to enjoy the work. Things are getting to be a bit more normal. I still have little girls ask me what I used to paint my hair yellow.

Other than that, I'm healthy and excited to work. We're having success and life is pretty tiring as normal.
It was great talking with everyone on the phone! Hope all is well.
Elder Seth
Alan's Update
Seth was able to call home last night for Mother's Day, it was great to talk. We had some bad connections, and he couldn't buy cards longer than 20 minutes, so he called several times working everything out and after cards ran out. After lots of problems and not being able to hear all that well his second card ran out, before he called again he said a quick prayer asking that the connection would be good this time so we could talk better. He called and it was a perfect connection. We could hear him great and he could hear us.

A few things he mentioned that you might want to know. Apparently, Peruvian dogs are some of the ugliest around, lol. He's not much of a fan of dogs anymore after all the little dogs barking, and general uncleanliness of the ones there. I included a picture below of a typical Peruvian Dog, except Seth said they are more disease ridden. Apparently, they are a hairless species. 

Mosquitoes are a problem in his new area, and apparently they hid in the toilet...ewww & ouch. He was asking around if they had any kind of bug spray like Off, but there isn't. They did suggest "snail juice" though...uh, yeah. Someone showed him how to take a snail and get the juice out to put on you neck and such. Apparently, it helps with the bugs and acne, :). He skipped that one and decided to just live with it. 

Overall he's doing well and enjoying his mission. He loves the people and said he told us the worst things, which means it's not all that bad. Seth's finally used to the food, although he's tired of chicken and rice. Especially, tired of seeing chicken feet in his soup. 


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