Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Transfers Coming

We didn't get a main email from Seth this week, so I put some info together from his other emails this week.

All is going well here. I'll be heading to another area, which is weird. It'll make me super sad to leave Huanchaco.

But as for the health thing, another sad story is the "faith" that they teach people to have here. Some churches basically teach that science is a lie and of the devil. A lot teach that you shouldn't (or don't need to) go to medics, because God will heal you if you believe. So they have Priests come and give "blessings" then pray for them, but they don't often get better. A lot of people have died that way, and one investigator that we're teaching was distraught for the death of her son (a year earlier) and at first, refused to talk to us because of an experience like that.

I still haven't got my tooth x-rayed. I'm working on it all, but not that I'm leaving Trujillo, I'm not sure how that'll work....

We had a few investigators make it to church. We now have one progressing (just in time for me to leave) investigator. She's really awesome, and I'm sure she'll be baptized.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Elder Seth

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